Metamedia Series

PROTOROOM (Hoonida Kim, Seungbum Kim)


sensuous transforming of 0 | 1 signal Ver.1



Feedback of MetaPixels - Language for Digital Atoms




PROTOROOM is a “metamedia” collective with a creative practice based on the technological medium of KIT. KIT is a meta-medium, leading sensual and cogitative experiences as a mediator of opportunities for discourse and contemplation on technology which has become an undeniable part of ecology. Under the title “Tech x Kit x Critic” evolved series of works in the forms of exhibitions and workshops. The collective has been run by Hoonida Kim and Seungbum Kim since 2014. Recently, they participated with a exhibition X workshop at NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] ‘Media Art as an Awareness Filer’ (2016, Japan), Nam June Paik Art Center’s exhibition, “Our Bright Future - Cybernetics Fantasy” (2017, Korea) and TRANS BOOKS faire (2018, Japan).

Hoonida Kim

Seungbum Kim