sensuous transforming of 0 | 1 signal Ver.1 (2016)

‘sensuous transforming of 0 | 1 signal’ is an installation work that allows construction of kits that allow experience and contemplation on the elements of computing while converting and transforming the 0,1 bits into different layers through workshop and exhibition.

The environment that moves what surrounds us is filled with digital systems, and each system is layered with various digital technologies and black-boxed like ‘folders in folders’. We unbox the basic elements of computing which is 0, 1 instead of the interface with which we are already familiar and attempt alternative methods of conversion and layering.

The workshop conducted to complete the installation work is a process of experiencing and thinking about the technological medium. Through the manual of the kit, the participants create a 1-bit computing device to complete the work. The manual which we provide is not a set of instructions to assemble the end product but a kind of formal language to enable the participants to observe and think about the technological medium more receptively.

The simple 1-bit computing device that is understood through the sensorial conversion creates complexity through direct input in the digital system which operates according to uncomplicated directions. Through such series of processes, we want to reflect on the technical medium that makes up the digital system.

PROTOROOM은 테크놀로지 매체 기반의 키트(KIT)로 작업을 하는 메타미디어 콜렉티브이다. 여기서 키트는 감각하고 사유를 이끄는 메타적 매체로서, 컴퓨팅 매체의 근본적인요소를 직접 감각하는 기회와 함께 생태계의 일부화된 테크놀로지에 대한 사유과 담론을가능하게끔 연결해주는 매개자가 된다. 이를 <Tech x Kit x Critic> 이라는 주제로 전시, 워크숍 등의 작업으로 풀어내는 연작을 이어가고 있다. 2014년 부터 후니다 킴과 김승범이 활동하고 있다. 최근에는 전시 X 워크샵이란 형식으로 2016년 일본에서 NTT 인터커뮤니케이션센터[ICC] ‘Media Art as an Awareness Filer ’와 백남준아트센터 “우리의 밝은 미래 - 사이버네틱스 환상 “에서 기획전에 참여하였다.

PROTOROOM is a Meta Media collective with a creative practice based on the technological medium of KIT. KIT is a meta-medium, leading sensual and cogitative experiences as a mediator of opportunities for discourse and contemplation on technology which has become an undeniable part of ecology. Under the title <Tech x Kit x Critic> evolved series of works in the forms of exhibitions and workshops. The collective has been run by Hoonida Kim and Seungbum Kim since 2014.


air sculptor / metamedia artist

후니다 킴은 어느덧 (사회를 넘어 자연까지도 포괄한다는 점에서) 생태계의 일부가 된 테크놀로지와 생태계의 변화에 관심을 가진다. 인간의 지각 능력과 감수성으로는 이 변화의 속도와 정보의 양을 따라가기 어렵기에, 후니다 킴은 감각을 기민하게 만드는 ‘환경 인식 장치’를 제작하고, 공기를 소조하며, 공간을 작곡해오고 있다. 그의 작업은 인식의 수면 아래로 가라앉은 것들에 대한 ‘다시 읽기’를 시도하고, ‘새롭게 변화하고 있는 포스트 휴먼의 감수성’을 이야기한다.

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Hoonida studied sculpture in college, and moved to Japan to study sound art and technology. Currently, he is working on ‘sculpting’ an atmosphere using installations and performance engaging haptics and sound. He has also created kits for technology art and media literacy designed to give learners the experience of transforming basic electrical digital signals into light, sound, and movement, which he has been using in various new media workshops in Korea and Japan. His work has been exhibited in “EXTENDED SENSES” (Japan, NTT InterCommunication Center, 2008), “Lexical Gap / Da Vinci creative festival”(Korea, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, 2014), “CONSONARE / sound light scape ”(Japan, 3331Arts Chiyoda, 2015), and a solo exhibition “Sound Apparatus Series H_01” (Seoul, GanaArtSpace, 2013). He co-founded a Korean-Japanese media creator group called NODE_LAB JP/KR and formed the new media art group PROTOROOM with SeungBum Kim in 2014.


metamedia ( tinker | artist )

엔드유저를 위한 (혹은 의한) 컴퓨팅에 관심을 두고 작업한다. 메타미디어로서의 컴퓨팅이 리터러시 일부가 되어 엔드유저 개개인이 사유하고 표현할 때, 우리 문화와 사회를 채우고 있는 기술 매체에 대해 다르게 읽고 생각할 계기와 맥락이 만들어진다 생각한다. 이를 위한 언어적이면서, 동시에 비언어적인 경험을 일으키는 KIT를 만들고, 워크숍과 전시로 이야기를 풀고 있다.

Originally a student of life sciences, SeungBum became interested in “computing as meta-media” after meeting Alan Kay. He founded PINY (Powerful Idea jourNeY), a media and education group that designed and conducted educational projects and studies related to digital literacy and computing for end users. Through workshops, educational programs, and consulting, he aims to help the general public understand computing media intuitively and use them for creativity and self-expression. His recent work moves beyond computing media but focuses on integrating analogue, hardware, and craft with digital and software media, which has been demonstrated in various workshops such as LightBall, StickyBlocks, Fa.Ke.Board and Input Output Things. He formed the new media art group PROTOROOM with sound artist Hoonida Kim in 2014.